Adult helpers

Here’s what is expected of adult sponsors…

  • Manage the project.  You’ll need to keep the crew on track to finish by Friday.
  • Work alongside.  Adults need to model the behaviors they want from their teen workers.  So, pick up a scraper and a paintbrush!  (This makes the time go by a lot quicker, too!)
  • Get to know your crew members. 
  • Be Safe!
  • Bring a digital camera.  We need adults to help take pictures during the week.
  • Be a good ambassador to your homeowner and his/her neighbors.  Introduce yourself and your crew.  Invite them to have lunch with you.  Pray with them.  Be sure to invite them to the Friday night program.
  • Attend the crew leader meeting each day at 8:00 am. 
  • Make sure all teens on your crew list are in your group.  
  • Make sure you have a signed release form for each worker. 
  • Pick up and drop off supplies each day in designated area.
  • Make sure all your crew is accounted before heading to the worksite.  If you’re missing someone, notify the director before you leave.

At the worksite, be sure to…

  • Discuss with teens how to paint, how to scrape, keep bricks and concrete clean, etc.  (Day one only)
  • Scrape the front of the house first. (Day one only)
  • Encourage safety.  Take notice of any particular work hazards.
  • Take pictures!  Assign one person to take 10-15 pictures at various points during the workday.
  • Assign each teen to specific jobs and areas of work. 
  • Make sure all spilled paint is cleaned up quickly. 
  • Make sure teens drink plenty of fluid to avoid dehydration. 
  • Make sure no paint gets on the church vans or other vehicles or donated supplies. Use plastic or cloth covers for the seats in your vehicle. 
  • Leave paint at your site every night. Do not bring it back to the supply storage area.

When you return, please…

  • Encourage all workers to help unload supplies to supply storage area.
  • Complete a Supply Request Form (if needed) each afternoon and turn it in to supply coordintator. 
  • Make sure that your trailer and ladders are secured for overnight.