For Homeowners: 

    • Wichita Workcamp is a need-based program that serves individuals and organizations in the Wichita area in need of exterior painting and minor work projects as needed.
    • We do not do interior work.
    • Eligibility requirements to have your home painted:

1.       Home must be owner-occupied.

2.       Home must be evidence actual need of painting.

3.       Homeowner must show evidence of financial hardship making him/her unable to hire house painting services

OR show evidence of a physical handicap making it too difficult to paint the home themselves.

4.       Homeowner must sign a liability waiver releasing Wichita Workcamp & any affiliated person or business for accidental damage which may occur.

  • If you (or someone you know) meets these conditions, please contact us give us your name, house address and best contact phone number. Once the house has been inspected and the degree of need has been assessed, we will put it on our list of potential worksites. Homes are listed in order of greatest need first. We never guarantee a house can be done until after our registration deadline has passed because it depends on how many workers we have register. You will be notified about 2 weeks prior to Workcamp if we can paint your home or not.
  • There are only two color options: white and beige.  If you desire a different color, you must supply all the paint.  Paint must be purchased and ready for use before Workcamp begins.




For Workcamp Volunteers

  • Safety

Safety is a priority at Wichita Workcamp. We are doing hard work that poses some risk.  As such, all work will be supervised and every reasonable precaution has been made to ensure the safety of all WWC workers.   Churches are required to send one adult for every five teenagers. Students must have completed the seventh grade to participate. Water and first aid kits are provided for each crew at each worksite.  We take a lunch break and water breaks during the day. Security is hired for evening activities at the host building.

  • Crew Assignments

One of the goals of Workcamp is to help teens develop relationships with other teens from area churches while they serve.  So members of each congregation or youth group are intentionally assigned to different crews so they can make new friends during the week. Students do not get to choose their crew.   It’s a little awkward on the first day, but we want students to develop relationships with other teens.  And it’s amazing how close students get to their crew by the end of the week.

  • What to Wear

Going into the community, we are being ambassadors for Christ.  Please be sure to dress modestly. During the day, reasonable-length shorts and t-shirts are fine.  But, don’t wear anything that you don’t mind getting paint on.  Everyone will have a chance to go home and change each afternoon so bring modest, casual clothes for the evening sessions.