Some things to remember…

  • You are representing Jesus Christ. Be a good ambassador for Him.
  • Be safe! (see below)
  • Respect the homeowner and the neighborhood by working professionally.
  • No ipods or mp3 players while working.  It’s a safety issue.
  • Do not go inside the houses you paint for any reason. 
  • Daily Schedule: Click here for the schedule.
  • Water, ice and cups will be provided at each site.                                                              
  • Bring your own sack lunch and drink if you live in the Wichita area and aren’t staying at with a host family.
  • Everyone will have a chance to go home and change each afternoon so bring modest, casual clothes for the evening sessions.
  • Supper will be provided for you at 6:00 pm every night.

Being SAFE is important.  For your safety…

  • Wear appropriate reasonable & modest clothing. You will get paint on your clothes so don’t wear anything you don’t mind getting paint on.  
  • Gloves are useful when scraping; Protective glasses are useful as well. 
  • Wear sunblock and/or hat to avoid getting sunburned. 
  • Avoid any contact with power lines at the site. DO NOT TOUCH ANY WIRES!!! 
  • Keep ladders away from power lines. 
  • Do not paint bricks, concrete, grass, sidewalks, or people. Be neat! 
  • No one may leave the work site without the permission of crew leader.